7 Best Gifts for Children with Sensory Disorder

7 Best Gifts for Children with Sensory Disorder

If you are looking for toy gifts for young kids with sensory disorder, here is a list of the best gift ideas:

1. Teeter Popper
The teeter popper is a great gift for kids that is perfect for both girls and boys from the age of 3-5. The kids can roll it, rock it, sit on it or stand on it; whatever they like! It will improve the stability, balance, core strength and leg strength of your kid. Their senses will come alive with this toy.
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2. Rolling Rainbow
The rolling rainbow toy will develop the visual tracking of your kid with sensory disorder. It also helps in improving their hand-eye coordination. This toy is for both girls and boys and is recommended for children who are 2 years or older. The bright colors of this toy are very attention grabbing.
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3. Colorful Snapping Turtles
This toy will tempt the kids to listen, touch and snap. Snapping and unsnapping of the turtles will help kids in developing their hand muscles. This toy is for both male and females and recommended for kids that are 3+.
It can be found here:

4. Mighty Monkey’s Pegboard
Boys love playing with action figures, so give them what they want but in a much educational way. With these brightly colored monkeys, you can teach him patterns and colors. It will also help in developing fine motor skills. This toy is for children who are 2 years or older.
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5. Interlox
This toy is perfect for boys as it is a creative construction toy. There is no need for additional tools or hardware because of ‘clip the edges’ features that will help in creating unlimited construction pieces. Age: 2+
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6. Sleep Sheep with a Smart Sensor
This stuffed sheep will become a girl’s best friend. There back of the sheep holds a music box which can prove to be very helpful if the kid is having trouble sleeping. The soft music will make her fall asleep instantly and the sheep is so soft that she will enjoy cuddling with it. Age: 2+
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7. Giant Wooden Lacing Beads
Girls love making lace bracelets, so give them what they want. This toy will help in sharpening their manipulative skills and it also encourages early understanding of mathematics. Age: 3+
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