Connect2NICU featured on babyspot Magaizine

We sat down with Shante, owner of Connect2NICU, an app that is life changing. She would tell you she is an owner of a wonderful app, which is true, but we would tell you she is the owner behind a movement, to help NICU families.


Tell us how you came up with this company.

While my son was in the NICU, I wondered whether or not there was an app that could provide information and resources for parents like myself who had babies in the NICU. When I checked the App Store, there was one app in the App Store available. My husband teaches anatomy & physiology at a local community college, so anytime the doctors and nurses said something that I did not understand I could just turn to my husband for him to explain the terms and how they related to the care of our baby. He assisted me with understanding the complex world of health science jargon.


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