Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due To Aggressive Parents

Hello Everyone,

I posted the link for the article on 3.27.2012, but did not add any thing to go with it, so here we go! http://n.pr/H3UXBB

This was truly funny to me,   I have had the privileged to work a Easter Egg hunt for a community event, and  would love to say that parents are BRUTAL!.

Actually  I have worked several events that involve children and their guardians and have come to  the conclusion that the aggression has NOTHING to do with Easter and every thing to do with parents.  You can call it Helicopter parenting, you can call it over protective, you can call the need for parents not wanting their kids for fail and anything.  What ever you want to call it, is it is a crutch and a handicapper to our nations kids.

Is it not amazing, that the fun little Easter memory that many  of us share, hunting for eggs (hoping  all the while that you found the plastice eggs not the  real ones),and then  comparing them with friends and family to see who actually got the best ones,  has turned into a parental brawl to ensure “their baby”  gets the best eggs, or enough eggs or an egg?

During the event that I worked I lost count of the times I was cursed out for telling parents they could not enter the egg hunting zone. Nor can I count the amount of times that parents came back to get more eggs for their kids.

I hope that the day of the  family Easter egg hunt returns; where children with eyes of wonder and amazement as they discover the egg under the bush.  Or when one giggles in pure happiness that they got the chocolate egg.  All the while, family sits on edge as the 2 year old finds their very first EGG.

Wonder. Dream. Be.