Parent2Parent: Ron


How many kids to do you have?

We have one son named English

How many kids do you have with a NICU journey?

One (English)

How long was the stay within in the NICU­­?

3 months

Where did you draw strength from while i­­n the NICU?

Our faith, our family & friends, the NICU staff & other parents in the NICU

­Was it a song,­ ­A Scripture,­ ­A quote ? Can you share it with us­?­

I Believe (Heanonmusic)

Who ­ ­within your personal network provided support while you were in the NICU­? ­Parents, Partner, Friends, NICU staff? ­

All of the above

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­In what way did you feel like you ­were supported by them?

English’s grandparents would come and sit with him along others everyday so that he always had someone with him.  Our family & friends also brought lunch and dinner for us when they knew we were at the NICU and also prayed for us and our son

Who ­ ­within your internet network prov­ided su­pport while you were in the NICU­? ­was there a ­Facebook, twitter, google plus community or communities? ­Onl­ine forum In what way did you feel li­ke­ you were supported by them?

We were not a part of any specific online communities but when we posted about our journey, our Facebook friends & family all came together and prayed for a healthy journey

Happy Birthday English: The Journey [VIDEO]

Happy Birthday to our son who turns 2 today! We have been on an incredible journey over these past 2 years. After 5 years of wanting a child, God blessed us with a son. Little did we know he would come 3 months prior to his due date! Born at 1.12 oz, English Lamir Hearst was born. We wanted to invite you all to celebrate with us and we pray that this video encourages you in your journey as well. #BelieveSong: "I Believe" HeanonMusicWritten by: Shaun Dash, Heanon TateVocals: LaRon Hearst, Angel Hearst, Sarene Tate, Heanon TateHospital: Palmetto Health Richland NICU

Posted by LaRon&Angel on Friday, August 4, 2017

What are some of your favorite  tools, resources  or gadgets  that made your NICU  journey  easier?

We did not have any that we can remember

Can you share with us a good NICU day fo­­r your ­child (a triumph) ? What was­ the day were you need support and strength?

Good NICU Day – Each time he moved up in a room but specifically the day we found out he was in his last room and he would be coming home

Support NICU Day – When the staff would inform us that they were monitoring him through the night because they didn’t know if he was going to make it and that he had taken a turn for the worse.

If you could share one tidbit with other­­ NICU parents what would it be?!

Take it one day at a time and stay positive