Late, but here is the lamb


My family is not a big fan of the after taste of lamb so, I marinate it to relieve their tastebuds some. I also do not measure my seasonings, I season to taste and by eye (yes,  I was trained by my elders to cook, mom and grandmothers).

What do ya need:

2 LB  leg of lamb (boneless)


onion powder

garlic powder

sea salt


fresh garlic cloves

fresh parsley

fresh oregano (i have both greek and italian in my garden but you can use both or either or)

fresh rosemary

fresh basil

1 cup of red wine

1/3 cup of olive oil

I get the larges zip lock bag I can find, and throw all of the seasoning in the bag with the wine and olive oil.

Then stuff the leg with garlic  cloves parsley oregano  basil, rosemary (I have used onion for the leg of lamb as well, but not for this occasion).

marinate anywhere from 24 hours to 3 hours.
Cook time is 11 min per pound.

place on hot grill (we are charcoal people).  and cook until temp is 400 degrees inside the the meat (you may need a meat thermometer).

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