Sugar: A Tale of Motherhood & Medicine By Raissa Hacohen

Raissa Hacohen the Founder of Carenav shares her personal journey of love and pain as she navigates pregnancy, NICU and the medical system. Please join her as she cries and rejoices, navigating you along the path of her story, Sugar: A Tale of Motherhood & Medicine.



Sugar is a personal narrative about becoming a first time mother, coping with illness, navigating the medical system, and spending over 4 months in the hospital. It serves as a broader commentary on motherhood, medical care, and struggle itself.

Coping with a loved one’s illness is certainly one of the darkest hours a family can endure. This memoir has hope and despair, highs and lows, and is surprisingly joyous for a book about a subject as weighty as this.

A Tale of Motherhood & Medicine

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